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A day in the life


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21 February 1957
I read when I can; I write when I can; I waste my time not reading and not writing.

Factual stuff:
Self-employed management consultant; Father of four (2 girls/2 boys); Love reading, well, love buying books. Like to write the odd story, some of them very odd.

Part of the Albedo 1 Collective. (See website)

Religion: As stated by the French policeman in "French Connection II", I'm a retired Catholic.

Heading towards atheist rather than agnostic. (How can I be so sure? I'm not certain how to answer that.)

Sense of humour: Sick; Weird; Sad; Perverse; ... These are all words that have been used by my friends, and others, to describe my sense of humour.

Interest in Science Fiction focuses on stories that play with how society or the individual is affected by a set of circumstances.

Feel free to dip into my journal and leave a note or not. Friend me if you wish, I am always delighted to meet new people and share a cyber word or two.

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