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The Tear by Ian McDonald

The Tear by Ian McDonald, (Galactic Empires edited by Gardner Dozois)

I have just finished The Tear by Ian McDonald. It has been nominated in the Best Novella category of the Hugo Awards and justly deserves its place on the shortlist.

For a novella, it covers vast expanses of space, time, emotion and life. Coming of age; multiple stages of life; first love; lost love; moving on; political unrest; xenophobia; evolution; space opera; and life in general are all there; whether Ian meant them to be or not.

I won’t spoil the story by giving away detail, but will say that a few hours taken to read this 75 page tale will be hours well spent. I still have another of the Hugo nominated novellas to read, but The Tear will be hard to beat in relation to getting my vote.

Next on my Hugo Nominees reading list is Saturn’s Children by Charles Stross, which is nominated in the Best Novel category.

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